Want a Climbing Monstera? Here is How to Train your Monstera Plant

Monstera plants are beautiful, but they can sometimes be difficult to grow because of their size. It’s hard to find support that will adequately hold the heavy vines and leaves without breaking or bending under the weight.

The good news is that Monsteras are climbers in nature so it’s possible to train them up a moss pole or other climbing supports if you have one available! Here are some tips on how to use these supports for growing Monstera plants indoors!

Pretty cool, right? Now let me show you how you can do it for your Monstera as well.

climbing monstera

Why does Monstera need moss poles?  Do monstera plants climb?

Although they are popular, you might wonder why Monsteras need to grow on moss poles or other vine supports.

Well, in the wild these vigorous vines scramble up trees and through low hanging branches where they have plenty of support to grow tall.

The main benefit of a moss pole is that – it encourages the plant to grow upright rather than trailing over the edges of the container and onto the floor.

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Can I train my new Monstera to grow upwards without a moss pole?

Yes, it can be done! Just wait until the stem reaches the height that you want it to be on its own.

Then, prune the plant from sideways.

You will still get new growth on your plant, but if you keep removing it while allowing for more new growth it will eventually train itself to grow upwards on its own.

While new plant parents are very skeptical to prune and cut out huge portions of the plant, just do it. Pruning trains the plant to grow up or in any way you like.

When is it time to add a moss pole to your Monstera?

As your Monstera continues to grow, it will eventually start to trail over the sides of the container. It’s also likely that you’ll notice some stems growing at a strange angle or your Monstera developing aerial roots.

When you notice any of these changes happening, it’s time to consider adding a moss pole.

You can also add a moss pole right from the start to control how your Monstera will grow eventually.

Remember, this is a better thing to do than trying to climb up your Monstera when it has grown old.

climbing monstera with moss pole

How do you get Monstera to climb?

Since your Monstera will need some time to adjust to the moss pole, there are several things you’ll want to look out for when you first add it to your plant.

Most importantly, give your Monstera time to adjust and grow accustomed to its new support.

It won’t happen automatically and you may have to make some effort for it to happen.

Are moss poles my only option to get a climbing Monstera?

There are several options to choose from and you can also create your moss pole or support.

You can buy a moss pole or you can use a simple wooden trellis that is already in your home.

To give the moss pole more strength, secure it with an additional wire running across it.

You can also use the coco coir pole, which is a more natural-looking pole, making it easier for aerial roots to climb on easily.

Another option take up bamboo stakes but they are not a long-term solution considering they cannot take on the weight of the Monstera.

Consideration when installing a moss pole:

Avoid disturbing roots when you install a moss pole

One of the best ways to insert a moss pole in your Monstera is to repot it. It will ensure you don’t disturb or hurt the roots.

If you want to insert the stakes inside the existing pot, you can do that too. However, it is important to avoid hurting the roots of plants when installing a moss pole.

To insert it into an existing pot, be careful while you’re digging in and slowly push on top so as not jar any sensitive parts or break off any roots.

The best way I know how towards making this happen? It’s all about being gentle and careful!

Ensure that the pole is stable

Ensure that the pole is stable and secure in the Monstera pot.

Plant it right in the middle and ensure it’s secured properly with soil so it’s strong enough to support your plant.

Ensure the pole is long enough

The moss pole will provide some support at first if it’s too short, but will eventually run into the same issues as before.

Moss poles can get delicate and need to be long enough for Monstera to climb on them with its heavy leaves without toppling over or failing


How to secure Monstera to moss pole?

If you are using a moss pole to train your Monstera plant, then you must figure out how to secure the vines around it.

It is not difficult to do this.

Tie up the stems with nodes to the damn moss: You simply need to purchase some ties or someone can use their creativity and make something at home by taping up the stems with nodes to the moss pole.

This will encourage the Monstera to grow inside and around the damn moss.

If you have a grown-up plant, the vines can be a little difficult to control and make a knot with.

You’ll have to do this very cautiously. To get started, tug the stem toward the moss poleusing ties; tighten them once a week until the stem is against the pole.

Pro tip: Ensure that the moss is always damp. This will help aerial roots to grow easily in and around it.

Additional considerations to make sure your Monstera climbs properly:

  • Prune your Monstera evenly:  You will need to prune your Monstera along the way so it stays healthy and climbs well.
  • Make sure you remove dead leaves or any damaged leaves during this process.
  • Pruning teaches your Monstera plant how to grow so it takes the desired shapes and size.
  • Rotate your Monstera plant pot to ensure even growth. 
  • Regularly rotate the pot around central support to avoid anyone side from growing more than another.
  • This will help your vine grow evenly and be able to climb it fully.

What’s next for climbing Monstera?

Once you have followed these steps, your Monstera plant should start climbing easily on its own within weeks.

However, you can always train your vines by pushing them in the right direction if they try to veer off of their own.

If you are planning on using moss poles to hold up your Monstera plant, you must take these steps to ensure they stay healthy and grow faster than ever before!

Final thoughts on climbing Monstera

There are many benefits to adding Monstera plants into your home décor. However, they can be difficult if you do not take the time to train them properly and provide the proper care for these beautiful plants.

Don’t wait any longer – get started with tips from us today and get a beautiful climbing Monstera!

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